Our program


  1. Product sourcing control
  2. Transparency of our supply chain
  3. Quality assurance of our products

Restoration and conservation

  1. Effective combat against climate change
  2. Stopping deforestation in our supply basins
  3. Improving conservation of all protected areas
  4. Identifying and conserving the areas of importance in the supply basins
  5. Soil regeneration
  6. Restoring degraded areas

Resilience and profit

  1. Payment of official CCC price and certification premiums​
  2. Gender promotion​
  3. Protection of children​
  4. Plantation renewal, diversification and agroforestry​
  5. Circular economy​
  6. Regenerative and attractive agriculture for young people​
  7. Community Development


  1. Banking (mobile banking) infrastructure for our farmer network
  2. Insurance (health, accident, death) for farmers
  3. Property insurance
  4. Facilitation of access to loans through our presence in the field
  5. Promotion of AVEC (Associations Villageoises d’Epargne et de Crédit)