Our services

Support for farmers / cooperatives

As part of its procurement process with suppliers, Asondo is firmly committed to respecting all laws, policies and regulations applicable in Côte d’Ivoire, in particular those from the “Conseil Café-Cacao”. Our commercial relationships are guided by responsible, transparent and respectful behavior.

With its active presence in the field, Asondo offers training and supervision to assist our farmers in facing their diverse challenges including but not limited to dealing with pest and crop disease pressures, improving soil fertility, and restoring biodiversity.

Services for clients

Asondo offers traceable and sustainable cocoa beans on an FOB or CIF basis. We collect trackable data on our farmers to ensure they receive decent living premiums. We can also focus on the production of a particular quality of bean (fermentation, humidity, broken beans).

Asondo added value

Asondo provides a direct link between international partners and groups of small Ivorian cocoa producers. Its local presence reduces the number of intermediaries and mitigates operational risks while producing a quality cocoa compliant with customer and consumer expectations