Our story

Cocoa, a quintessentially Ivorian national heritage, has always been present in our lives...

After 15 years in soft commodity trading and supply chain, we are now determined to bring our experience to the table to tackle Ivorian cocoa procurement challenges and make a difference for farmers and stakeholders.

Thanks to our deep knowledge of the local environment and international markets, we believe we can positively alter the conventional cocoa exporter role and shift farmer behavior.

We are convinced that the commitment of responsible local exporters is a crucial element in addressing the various challenges facing the Ivorian cocoa sector today.

Our values


Protecting and enhancing the Ivorian cocoa heritage


Promoting openness, information and knowledge sharing to work together with our partners across the cocoa value chain


Building and nurturing a culture of high expectations and standards in the Ivorian cocoa sector through the quality of our services


Influencing positive change in conventional practices to create additional value for our farmers and stakeholders